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About Hannah

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Hannah Dawson is an equine and human body worker, qualified in Equine Touch and VHT. She teaches clicker training for horses and offers riding tuition.

Hannah has over 20 years of riding experience and started alternative methods at a young age, gaining her Parelli level 2 at just 13 years old. She has experience in many different techniques including Monty Roberts, Parelli, Australian Natural Horsemanship and has worked with many different trainers such as Jayne Lavender, Dave Stuart, Charlie Wilson, Lynn Henry, Eleanor Mercer, Lucy Rees, Marte kiley-Worthington and now works regularly learning Tai Chi for Equestrians with James Shaw and clicker training with Alex Kurland.

Hannah started training in bodywork for horse and rider when physical problems in her and her pony, Toby, resulted in bucking issues. She is fully qualified in Equine Touch and VHT (the human equivalent). She has also attended courses in Shiatsu, Reiki, Tai Chi and Stretching and Limb Mobilisation.

Other horse-related experience includes work experience with Free n Easy Saddles, working closely with barefoot trimmers and attending a seminar by Robert Bowker, selling Simple System feeds and, of course, the invaluable experience of working and caring for her own horses. Hannah currently has seven, four of them rescues, which provide her with endless learning opportunities!

Click here to see videos of Hannah riding and clicker training.

Click here to read Hannah’s horsey philosophy.

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