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Clicker Courses

Clicker Training Courses

Clix 1 – Intro Course

This Course is suitable for those with very little or no Clicker Training experience. It’s a perfect introduction to clicker training for you and your horse and you will learn:

  • How Positive Reinforcement works
  • Put yourself in your horse’s shoes and experience being clicker trained yourself!
  • How to break down behaviours in order to teach them to your horse
  • Using Targeting to teach your horse about the clicker and for improving focus, connection, motivation, leading, calming, spooking etc
  • How to train safely with food rewards and teach your horse self-control around treats – the path to a polite horse!
  • Backing up for safety, balance and body awareness
  • Teach your horse to lower his head – a fantastic calm-down signal any time, any where!
  • Moving on – Phasing out the click

For more info, dates and prices click here.

Clicker Camps

Clicker Camps are for anyone with a love of horse training, from advanced Clicker Trainers to those with no Clicker experience. The focus on the camps is to find the fun and build the connection with your horse, while spending time with like-minded people on a horsey holiday in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales!

These camps are tailored to suit you, so we can cover any and all behaviours, such as:

  • Solving behavioural problems
    • Teach your horse to hold his feet up calmly for the farrier
    • Learning calming techniques for the spooky or aggressive horse
    • Improve leading problems
    • Teach your horse to stand calmly for grooming, clipping, mounting etc
    • Solve loading problems
    • Improve general yard manners such as standing tied, stopping barging etc
    • Increase focus on you as the rider for a more connected, safer horse
  • Improve performance, connection and relationship with your horse
    • Advanced leading and in-hand work – softness, balance, lateral work, trot, canter etc
    • Lunging techniques to improve balance, bend, transitions etc
    • Riding techniques – improving lightness and connection in the saddle
    • Building more complex behaviours and behaviour chains
    • Tricks and fun stuff such as fetch, stay, come to call, spanish walk,  kiss, colours etc
    • Exercises for increased body awareness and self-carriage

You will receive a private lesson daily focussed on you and your horse as well as being able to watch the other lessons and learn from them. On top of this, there will be fun  dismounted sessions to learn more about the whys and hows of Clicker Training.  There will also be opportunities for hacking out, leading out, increasing motivation for the older horse, building experience for young or green horses, working on tailor-made obstacles on our farm, through rivers etc

Have fun, learn loads and really enjoy spending quality time with your horse!

For more info, dates and prices click here.

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  1. Heather Vaulkhard permalink
    March 9, 2011 12:05 pm

    These courses are amazing!
    I have been on a couple of them with Hannah, and was thrilled to be able to work on a particularly spooky youngster and help him calm down with head lowering, using the clicker.
    That was just the start of his training and I am continuing to use clicker to restart this little horse.
    It is a wonderful ‘tool’ to your box of tricks..horses love it and it is also great fun!
    Hannah’s horses are all so well trained with clicker, so you are able to concentrate on your own ‘delivery of the clicker’ yourself.
    You will learn so much and be inspired to try it out on your own horses, dogs and even humans!!
    You will also develop a strong bond with your horse by positive reinforcement.
    Looking forward to future courses and learning more!
    Heather Vaulkhard.

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