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Clicker Training

Clicker training is a fantastic way to train your horse and build up your relationship. It creates a happy, willing horse who is calm and safe and wants to be with you.

With clicker training, you can:

Help behavioural problems such as:








Teach dressage and collection

Improve jumping

Promote body awareness for health and performance

Create a safe horse

Have fun and teach tricks

With clicker training, you can teach your horse ANYTHING!


What is clicker training?

It is a positive reinforcement method, which means that the horse is rewarded for the correct behaviour as opposed to punished for the wrong one. The “click” noise marks the moment that the horse has shown the desired behaviour which earns the horse a reward, usually a food treat. Clicker training is a way of breaking down behaviour and teaching it to the horse in a way that ensures the horse understands what we’re asking completely and is not forced or punished if the wrong behaviour is offered. Training in this way ensures clarity for you and the horse, making training much more effective and enjoyable.

How can it help me and my horse?

Because of the use of reward instead of punishment, your horse will become more eager and willing to work, actively searching for what you are asking for, beacuse there is benefit in it for both of you. You’re both aiming for the same goal together, which means that training becomes much more fun and rewarding, your horse working with you. Because of the clarity and motivation established in clicker training, you can teach your horse pretty much anything, from stopping spooking to improving self-carriage to fetch!

Does it cause the horse to bite and have food issues?

No, definitely not, in fact it is an incredibly powerful way to teach horses to be polite around people and food because they learn that biting and fussing never gets them a treat, but standing politely does. See the videos on the site for evidence of this, including Murphy (the little grey pony) who was a rescue who came to me with HUGE problems around food and aggression, solved with the clicker.

Who else uses clicker training?

The Military, Disney, zoos and dance schools are just some of the people using clicker training for commercial purposes because it is the fastest, most effective method of training.

Pigeons are trained to guide missiles, whales and dolphins to do spectacular displays, lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) to appear in shows or films. Even humans are being clicker trained now (TAGteach)!

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