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I’m also available for evening Demos (with my clicker trained horses) and Talks (using video), as well as 1,2 and 3 day workshops at your venue.

For more info and to book, please contact me.


24-25th Jive Pony Vaulting Lessons. Stonefold Farm, North Yorkshire

If you haven’t seen Jive Pony yet, check them out here! They are the premier female equestrian display team in the country as well as world class vaulters. They are teaching 2 days of lessons on their fabulous horses for anyone willing to have a go! Don’t think you’re too old or too young – last time the age range was 7-67! These sessions are brilliant for anyone who wants to have fun and build confidence on the back of a horse. Going at a pace which suits you, you’ll achieve more than you imagine!

Check out how everyone got on last time here(including Becca and Rosie learning some Clicker Training)!
Or watch the video below:

Click here for more info and to book!


1st-2nd Clix Camp! Masham, North Yorkshire

This is a multi-level clicker training camp, for anyone who’s interested in clicker training their horse, from beginner to advanced. The focus is on having fun with your horse, whether that’s making stressful situations like vet and farrier visits easier for both you and your horse, solving behavioural problems or improving your ridden or ground work, this is for you!
Check out the blog on our Summer Clix Camp here!
Participants with or without horses.

Click here for more info and to book!

15-16th Equine Touch Conference

Hannah is doing a Clicker training demo at the Equine Touch Conference, alongside a variety of other speakers.

More details coming soon!

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