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Equine Touch

Equine Touch in sunny Portugal

Hannah is a qualified Equine Touch and VHT Practitioner.

Equine Touch is a non-invasive form of bodywork which is a fantastic gift for your horse. It helps to highlight areas of concern as well as increasing the general wellbeing of your horse.

Equine Touch works on an holistic level; that is, it addresses the equine as a whole without paying any particular attention to any named problem as such. On a practical level it consists of a series of gentle moves performed over specific points in predetermined patterns which are sometimes interspersed with observation periods to allow the equine to recognizes and process the effects of these subtle procedures.

These procedures have the effect of inducing deep relaxation, releasing hypertonic and traumatized muscles, encouraging muscle tone recovery from injury and atrophy, reducing the pain spiral, and assisting in detoxification and lymphatic drainage. The horse through these series of gentle moves is trained to rebalance not only physically but emotionally, energy blocks are released, unwanted structures appear to dissolve, and the flow of Ki is stimulated through the meridians, allowing the equine to attain and maintain the ideal state of homeostasis in which its own innate healing power is able to work to its maximum potential.

The Equine Touch has been described by leading equine vets as the ‘ultimate hands on therapy for horses’.

VHT is the human equivalent of Equine Touch. It’s very effecttive for helping sore shoulders, bad backs, arthritis and general aches and pains.

As your horse has to compensate for your imbalances, it’s an invaluable tool for riders as you can release your muscles and tight spots before riding. Great to improve body awareness and general wellbeing.

If you get stiff or sore while riding, VHT combined with riding tuition will help discover where you tense up and teach you how to stay effortlessly balanced and pain free while riding.

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