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My Horses

Meet my Horses



Toby has been with us for 12 years, teaching us many valuable lessons! We bought a lovely pony who within a short time turned into a horse that bucked, bolted, kicked, wouldn’t be tacked up, refused fences, wouldn’t be caught, wouldn’t load, wouldn’t go in a stable…! He started us on the path of alternative methods of keeping, handling and riding horses so we are indebted to him. He’s now 20 and a super horse, doing every daft thing Hannah teaches him as well as hacking, jumping, dressage and acting as a fabulous lead horse. He’s also moving better than he ever has done, thanks to clicker training, which has sorted his long-term physical problems once and for all!



India is a 4yo warmblood, bred by Charlie Wilson at his natural stud. She’s had a super life from day 1, running with mares, foals and her dad, before coming to us at 18 months. She’s very confident, curious and eager, though with her own opinions too! She’s coming on really well, being ponied out with Toby and learning loads with the clicker, being an absolute superstar at all the clicker demos we’ve done!


Horsebox 177

Poppy is now about 37 years old, coming to us when she retired from Jodhpurs Riding school, where Hannah started learning to ride on her over 20 years ago. Having continued to work in a riding school after recovering from a broken pelvis and now getting slower with arthritis, she certainly deserves a rest. Still retains her feisty spirit, though…!

Sad to say, but Poppy had to be put down in early january 2011. She’d come through the winter really well except that her hindquarters were becoming more and more wobbly – didn’t slow her down, just made us all cringe watching her move! However, she totally lost control of her back legs one saturday, hardly able to stand let alone take a step, so it was time to call it a day. Luckily she didn’t seem to be in any pain at all and was still happy, eating and enjoying a stretch right until the end. RIP poppy!



Roisin is an ex-showjumper who came to us when no-one else would take her. She was a very frightened horse when she arrived, as well as being in a huge amount of physical pain. Taking it very slowly with regular body work and heaps of clicker training, she has regained her trust in people and is now a lovely happy horse, still enjoying clicker training, schooling, and hacking. She’s always the first to the gate when we go out to the field as well!



Murphy was a kids’ pony who was destined for the meat market when he became unrideable through physical and behavioural problems. Luckily he ended up with us and is turning into a super, confident little pony. He too, always rushes to greet us when we go to the field, a bit of a contrast to when he arrived; the first time we approached him in the field with a headcollar he freaked out and ran at a fence, flipping over it. He was incredibly anxious and aggressive, with BIG problems around food. Clicker training and bodywork have brought out the happy, playful, cheeky Murphy and Hannah rebacked him in 2009.



Khal is an arab who had nowhere to go when we took him in. When he arrived he had a very twisted leg and shoulder and was incredibly sore and lame. X-rays revealed that he has a deformed foreleg and is actually missing a navicular bone in his left fore. Though we doubt he’ll ever be rideable, barefoot trimming and bodywork have reverted much of the damage and he is now pasture sound. A very friendly horse, he loves a scratch, and is best friends with India, glued to her side at all times!



Copper is a very sorted little pony, who we got from a friend. He was the christmas present for the children in our extended family and Santa delivered him all covered in tinsel. He is also trained to drive and loves going out in the trap.


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