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Riders are constantly searching for ways to feel safer and more connected with their horses, to improve performance and to feel confident when riding.

We want our horses to be able to engage the hindquarters and move freely through the back, for our horses to stay sound and balanced.

We want our horses to move willingly and be tuned into us and sensitive to our aids.

We want to develop feel and sensitivity and feel connected to our horse.

We want our horse to move freely and safely whether in hacking, jumping or dressage.

We want to be able to ride in a way that is pain-free for both us and our horse.

To achieve these results we must look at the rider. Hannah’s teaching draws strongly upon James Shaw’s Ride from Within techniques. This groundbreaking approach looks at the interaction between horse and rider in movement, based on Tai chi theories and techniques.

Click here to find out more about James and his work and when he’s teaching in an area near you!

By increasing awareness of our body we can discover how we are influencing the horse. For example, if you carry slightly more weight in your right seat bone then your horse will drift to the right to balance you. These techniques enable you to become more balanced and centered on your horse.

By looking at breathing techniques and aligning the skeleton of the rider, you start to help, not hinder, your horse. Your horse becomes more balanced and is able to lift through his back and engage freely and easily. As a rider, you start to feel truly connected through your seat, able to influence your horse with the slightest changes in your body. Turning becomes effortless and transitions soft, even sitting trot becomes easy and a joy to do!

Another amazing benefit of riding this way is the physical benefit to horse and rider. Ever get sore back, shoulders or hips when riding? Does your horse ever seem stiff after a long ride? Aligning your body correctly means that you can stay balanced and connected without the use of extra muscle in you and your horse, meaning  pain-free riding for you both. In fact, it often helps to get rid of pain!

Clicker Training when Riding

These techniques can also be backed up with clicker training, to really improve the connection and bond between you and your horse. By adding in positive reinforcement, it increases clarity and motivation for the horse and speeds up the learning for both of you.

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