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  • “I had a brilliant time on the course everyone was so nice, I was so
    inspired that I had to go home and have a quick try the same evening.”  Amanda
  • “I would like to say that as a novice rider who is undergoing the usual rigours of regular
    schooling, I could see a method of getting a message across to my horse
    without the sweat, blood and tears that normally ensue in our lessons. I
    also saw clicker training as a way of relieving the boredom of regular
    schooling in an arena during the school holidays. I am now building a rapport with my horse using the clicker and look forward to seeing how
    far we can go using this method of training. Happy clicking, Teresa”
  • “Hi, all going well with Alfie, rode him out with a friend yesterday, no shies or arguments. Thank you for your help.” Elaine
  • “Hiya, took Bobs in the school today Did a short practice of all that we did on the ground yesterday. He was perfect, even though there was another horse cantering round to distract him. Rode him at walk, – nice circles and no head shaking. At trot he tried a few times to head off in his own direction half heartedly, so we worked on transitions with the clicker, Success! Finished off with trotting two circles. NO HEAD SHAKING and only leaned on my hands a couple of times! Thank you for your help.” Lorna
  • “Hannah. Just wanted to say a big thank you for Sunday and I have been clicking ever since. It certainly was an eye opener and great to be able to have a session with my horse turning theory into practice.”  Chris
  • “Excellent. It was lovely to see Rio so calm and really thinking about what she was doing. We were able to take progressive steps forward and she stayed calm. Really enjoyed working with her in this way.” Tricia
  • “Really enlightening. I have to say that I didn’t think the horses would be capable of understanding these positive reinforcement lessons and I didn’t they would respond as well as I saw them doing today. I’m from a traditional background and it completely blew my mind seeing them respond to the clicker training in the way that they did. I just want to go home and try it with my own horses now!” Theresa
  • “Great fun and I learnt loads. Hannah makes the process of training your horse really clear, really breaking down each step so I’ve got loads to work on when she’s not here.” Emma
  • “There’s just so much I want to teach my horse now. Really inspiring!” Kate


  • These courses are amazing!
    I have been on a couple of them with Hannah, and was thrilled to be able to work on a particularly spooky youngster and help him calm down with head lowering, using the clicker.
    That was just the start of his training and I am continuing to use clicker to restart this little horse.
    It is a wonderful ‘tool’ to your box of tricks..horses love it and it is also great fun!
    Hannah’s horses are all so well trained with clicker, so you are able to concentrate on your own ‘delivery of the clicker’ yourself.
    You will learn so much and be inspired to try it out on your own horses, dogs and even humans!!
    You will also develop a strong bond with your horse by positive reinforcement.
    Looking forward to future courses and learning more!
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